5 Fashionable Color Combinations for Mens Outfits

Are you looking to upgrade your style and try fashionable colour combinations in your outfits? Choosing the right colour combinations can elevate your look instantly. 

You love to have a handy guide outlining effortlessly stylish colour combos that make choosing outfits easy. Colour combinations that not only look sharp but also elevate your whole look.

In this blog post, we'll discuss 5 Fashionable Color Combinations for Men's Outfits that check all those boxes. These colour pairings are sophisticated yet wearable for both formal and casual settings.

Discover how to pull off these fashionable duos to make you stand out!

5 Color Combos Every Stylish Man Should Know

Colour pairing plays a significant role in tying an outfit together. Blending two harmonious colours creates aesthetic appeal and brings out the best in both shades.

Here are five go-to colour pairings that inject refinement and a modern edge into men's outfits:

1.Navy Blue and Grey

This dynamic duo epitomizes sophistication in men's fashion, pairing well with formalwear and casual outfits.

Need help with how to sport this stylish pairing?

● A navy blue suit with a light grey shirt and matching navy tie makes a sharp, formal look.

● Try a navy polo shirt with grey shorts or chinos for relaxed weekend wear.

● For winter, layer a navy peacoat over a grey sweater and dark jeans.

Crisp, elegant, and so versatile, the navy and grey mixture always impresses.

2.Black and White

This timeless contrasting combo makes a dramatic statement, whether for an edgy or polished look. Black and white rarely fail.

Need ideas to work this combo into your wardrobe?

● A black suit with a white shirt creates a striking formal look.

● For weekend wear, try a casual graphic tee in black and white with white chinos.

● Or make it luxe with a black cashmere sweater paired with crisp white pants.

Bold, sharp and elegant, embrace the enduring black and white allure.

3.Brown and Blue

This earthy yet vibrant combo creates stylish depth, working year-round for casual and tailored looks.

How do I make this mix work?

● Start with a royal blue shirt and khaki chinos for an easy, polished look.

● For cooler months, pair a chocolate brown blazer with a light blue oxford shirt.

● Come summer, rock sand brown linen pants with a navy polo shirt.

Natural, versatile, and refined brown and blue check all the boxes.

4.Olive Green and Khaki

This natural combo blends seamlessly with an energizing contrast, working beautifully for weekend wear.

Are you still trying to convince this organic pairing works?

● An olive green field jacket over a tan henley shirt makes an easy weekend look.

● Swap the henley for a white Oxford shirt for more polish.

● Come spring, pair olive chinos with a khaki sports coat for a sharp look.

Laidback, flexible and energetic olive and khaki make an effortlessly stylish pairing.

5.Maroon and Navy

This refined pairing gives classic colour contrast a modern twist. The rich neutrals of maroon and navy complement each other, adding edge to formal and casual wear.

Need help with how to incorporate this into your looks?

● For formal events, don a navy suit with a maroon tie or pocket square.

● Come fall, pair a maroon cardigan or crewneck sweater over a navy button-down shirt.

● For relaxed vibes, rock maroon chinos with a navy polo or tee.

Sleek, versatile and on-trend maroon and navy make dressing sharp effortless.


Updating your wardrobe with these fashionable colour combinations will instantly upgrade your style.

Experiment with shades and textures within each combo until you find mixtures that suit your taste.

Remember the most important rule of fashion: wear colours and styles that make you feel confident and comfortable!


Q. What colour shoes go well with a navy suit?

Ans. Brown or tan shoes pair excellently with navy suits. The brown tones contrast nicely with the blue navy shade. Classic oxford or loafers in brown leather complete a navy suit with finesse.

Q. What colour belt should you wear with a black suit?

Ans. Stick to basic black or brown belts with a black suit. Patent or textured leather belts in these neutral tones complement the black suit without being too matchy. Finish with matching black dress shoes for a sharp monochromatic look.

Q. What colour shirt goes with light grey pants?

Ans. Light blue or subtle stripe shirts flatter light grey pants. Try a pastel blue button-down shirt or a Bengal stripe shirt in blue and white with light grey pants for an attractive aesthetic. A pink or salmon shirt can also lend a stylish colour pop.