5 Sustainable Men’s Fashion Brands Worth Supporting

Are you interested in enhancing your style while being mindful of the planet's well-being? Fast fashion doesn't align with your eco values. You want stylish pieces made to last along with ethics to match.

That's why we love brands like Outerknown that craft sharp surf duds from fishing nets, arresting designer basics from Pact that trees have loved, and colourful outdoor gear from Tentree, planting their purpose with every purchase.

Who said caring for people and the planet can't look fabulous on you? These trailblazers prove wrong by making sustainable threads. Guys are proud to rock.

So, are you ready for sustainable men's fashion brands worth supporting?

5 Brands Giving Your Wardrobe Ethical Edge

Numbers draw attention and predominantly list promising multiple examples readers can browse. "Ethical edge" intrigues as a benefit for styles and brands focused on social good.

See which label we highlight that pulls pounds of plastic from waterways with every purchase!


Outerknown co-founder Kelly Slater, the legendary surfer, designed this brand using recycled fishing nets and plastic bottles. The California-based company audits its factories to ensure worker safety and ethical practices.

You can enjoy classic, casual styles as you shop for tops, bottoms, and accessories, knowing Outerknown aims for transparency and sustainability. We recommend its popular S.E.A. jeans made from organic cotton with minimal environmental impact.

What makes Outerknown stand out from other sustainable brands? Its authentic connection to surf culture striving to protect oceans sets this label apart.

Check out Outerknown's net-0 initiative goal for carbon reduction and waste diversion.


Denver-based Pact utilizes organic cotton, recycled fabrics, and other consciously sourced materials to create premium essentials. The brand's super-soft tees and underwear also feel fantastic against your skin.

We love its attention to detail, like button placement and flattering silhouettes. Prices stay reasonable as well. Beyond using earth-friendly textiles, Pact focuses on fair wages and safe facilities for its workers.

Why should you choose a pact over mainstream brands? Its organic fabrics have a luxurious feel you'd expect from pricier labels.

Take Pact's knit quiz to find your perfect tee for layering or lounging.


Vancouver-based Tentree plants ten trees for every item purchased across North America. Not only does the brand use eco-friendly materials like hemp and organic cotton, but it also offsets its environmental footprint.

You can work, play, and relax in stylish, rugged men's apparel while restoring forests. Tentree's colourful hoodies, pullovers, pants, and accessories blend sustainability and outdoorsy style perfectly.

Why does tree planting matter so much? Trees provide clean air and water, capture carbon dioxide, prevent erosion, and support wildlife habitats, all valuable services.

Let Tentree help you calculate and offset your annual carbon footprint today.

4.United By Blue

This Philadelphia apparel company removes one pound of trash from oceans and waterways for each product sold. Its accessories and outdoorsy clothes incorporate organic cotton, recycled polyester, and hemp.

We adore the flattering cuts that take you from city to trail in style and comfort. Buying United By Blue goods, you help conserve nature across the country, from Alaska to Florida.

What makes United By Blue different from other sustainable fashion companies? This brand thoroughly cleans up the ecosystems its customers enjoy, which sets it apart.

Check out United By Blue's American-made Bison-Down Puffer. It's responsibly sourced and crazy comfortable.


Canadian brand Jonano ethically handcrafts eyewear from sustainable materials like castor beans and flaxseed. Its Wayfarer style and aviator frames will make you look sharp while feeling great about your purchase.

We love the lightweight acetate construction in semi-transparent, dark, and tortoise patterns. Jonano also gives back a percentage of profits to support eye health charities worldwide.

Can buying sunglasses make a difference? Jonano's sustainable production methods and charitable initiatives improve lives while reducing waste.

Discover Jonano's limited edition Pride collection that celebrates inclusion and diversity worldwide.


We hope these sustainable men's fashion brands have grabbed your attention. You can dress well, express personal style, and support the planet simultaneously. Switch to purchasing high-quality items created last year instead of fast fashion.

Every little bit helps curb pollution, climate change, and waste when consumers support eco-friendly companies. Which one was your favourite label?

Let us know your top pick for sustainable style!


Q. What are the benefits of sustainable fashion brands?

Ans. Sustainable fashion brands utilize eco-friendly materials and ethical manufacturing practices that reduce environmental harm related to waste, water use, carbon emissions, and chemical pollution. They also focus on making quality items that last longer to decrease clothing disposal. Many sustainable labels also give back to charitable causes for positive social impact.

Q. How much more expensive is sustainable fashion?

Ans. Many sustainable fashion brands price items competitively with conventional fast fashion. Label transparency allows customers to make informed decisions on perceived value. While organic or fair trade materials may cost more, transparent pricing helps explain reasonable prices rather than inflated markups. Sustainable pieces worn for years beat cheap, disposable fast fashion for long-term savings.

Q. What should I look for when identifying truly sustainable brands?

Ans. Indicators of truly sustainable brands include transparency on materials and manufacturing, eco-friendly textile usage like hemp or recycled polyester, carbon neutral or zero waste commitments, ethical policies for workers, limited production runs, and participating in offset programs like tree planting or ocean clean-ups—multi-focal initiatives shoe brands holistically addressing environmental and social impacts.