6 Mens Hairstyles That Are Trending This Year

Wondering which men's hairstyles are poised to trend big? With barbershops buzzing about intriguing new cuts and classic styles making refreshed returns, it's an exciting time to upgrade your look.

But you even start between all the options for textured volume, sharp fades, sweeping fringe, and more. The good news is several cuts are rising to the top as next-level styles for the year ahead.

In this blog post, we'll explore six hottest men's hairstyles that balance timelessly stylish with what's new and now. Whether you're looking for low maintenance and fuss-free or a bold transformation, there's a look waiting for your best style.

Read on as you need to know details on these dynamic hair trends. From perfectly imperfect texture to new takes on polished parts and tapered fades, find inspiration for your next fresh cut. So, let's get started!

6 Hottest Men's Hairstyles

When it comes to men's hair, there are some exciting new trends and classic styles that are back and better than ever. This year, textured and natural looks are in, while very shortcuts and high contrast fades remain to go.

Read on for six of the most popular hairstyles for men this year;

1.The Textured Crop

The textured crop is a stylish, low-maintenance haircut option. This shortened length on top features trimmed sides and layered, piecey separation for lots of texture. It takes on an edgy vibe with a cropped fringe and defined part.

The textured crop offers:

● Lots of messy texture and movement

● Layers to enhance natural volume

● Fringe that can sweep across your forehead for a modern edge

● Adaptability to work with all face shapes

Though slightly undone, the textured crop brings an effortless sophistication through its textural shape.

2.The Buzz Cut

The buzz cut, an ultra-short style, made a significant comeback and continues trending in the new year. To try it, have your barber shave your head with clippers for an all-over close crop.

Use moisturizer and skincare to keep your scalp healthy. Simple yet robust in its masculinity, the fresh buzz cut provides attitude.

Key advantages include:

● An effortless, fuss-free short style

● Ultra short-cropped hair for a bold look

● Low upkeep requirements: wash and go

● The option to play with different clipper guard lengths

The buzz cut offers daring simplicity if you want to experiment with a bold, bare minimum crop.

3.The Slicked Back Undercut

The slicked-back undercut fuses short sides and back with more extended, swept-back hair on top. Use pomade or wax to slick the top while keeping the undercut closely trimmed. 

This look ranges from neat to edgy, depending on whether you razor the sides and the drama of the swoop.

Signature elements:

● Dramatic juxtaposition of long and short layers

● Swept back height contrasting tight sides

● Looks spanning neatly polished to punk rock

● Strong lines that highlight your best features

Whether you lightly slick it or go for drastic swoops, the slicked-back undercut melds rebellious edge with polish.

4.The Side Part

The timeless side offers gentlemen a polished hairstyle. With short to medium sides and length on top, stylists create a precise part line before brushing hair neatly or with flow. A hard side part and temp fade to keep it current.

Hallmarks include:

● A classic parted shape with sophisticated flair

● Short to medium hair for versatility

● A defined part line lends structural integrity

● Suits many hair types and textures

Exuding refined tradition, the tailored side part remains a gentleman's style staple.

5.The Curtains Hairstyle

The curtain haircut draws inspiration from the swooping shape of theatre curtains. With its longer face-framing front layers and faded back and sides, this TikTok-fueled craze promises significant popularity.

Standout qualities:

● Lengthy locks in front that dramatically "frame"

● Cropped back and sides

● Layers hang suspended like fancy curtains

● Fringe that commands attention

Blending show-stopping panache with a modern edge, the curtains cut brings the drama.

6.The Textured Quiff

The textured quiff has trended big for years and is a popular style. With short sides and back paired with voluminous height up top, the look channels a messy, imperfect texture. Moulding products separate and lift the front while keeping a softened feel.

Flattering characteristics:

● Excellent lift and height

● Choppy, artfully undone texture

● Graphically wearable volume

● Windswept, swept over shape

Carefully styled or casually tousled, the textured quiff supplies artistic dimension.


Updating your hairstyle can be an easy way to refine your image this year. Whether you're looking for an executive side part, there are fresh new men's hair trends to try right now.

These popular hairstyles offer everything from low maintenance to dramatic flair. Bring this list of trending styles to your barber or stylist.

With dimension, movement and masculine appeal, one of these trending men's cuts will be perfect for you!


Q. What are the most popular haircuts for men?

Ans. This year, some of the most popular hairstyles for men include the textured crop, buzz cut, slicked back undercut, side part, curtains style, and textured quiff. These cuts feature short to medium-length hair with lots of texture, natural movement, and modern silhouettes.

Q. How do you style a textured crop?

Ans. To style a textured crop:

1. Apply a styling product like sea salt spray or moulding paste to add a piece of texture.

2. Use your fingers to loosely tousle the layers so they don't look too neat and structured.

Let the short fringe graze across your forehead for an excellent finish.

Q. What does a faded undercut look like?

Ans. A faded undercut features short hair on the back and sides that blend with longer hair on top. Barbers achieve this trending style with clippers, tapering and fading the back and sides to the parietal ridge. This allows the top hair extra length for combing, brushing, or slicing back.